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According to the Pew Research Center, 70 million of Americans between ages 40 and 60, the Sandwich Generation of Boomers, are dealing simultaneously with their own needs, the needs of their children and the needs associated with caring for aging parents. Sound familiar?

In many families with aging parents, these years are often characterized by fear and frustration. Fear of what’s going to happen next, fear of the “fall call”, fear of failure, fear of not doing the “right thing”. And, frustration with parents, siblings and the system. Caring for aging parents can be a draining, push-pull that taps and saps time, energy and resources.

It's my experience that adult children care about their parents and feel a responsibility towards them. They want to do right, but they often don’t know the “right thing”.

My book, Mom, Dad...Can We Talk? Insight and Perspective to Help Us Do What’s Best for Our Aging Parents, is a read-me-first if you are among those for whom caring for aging parents is an increasing reality. It is conversational, sometimes humorous and poignant, and always encouraging and helpful.

Read the book. Start the conversations.
Share the care.

Dick Edwards | Eldercare Specialist


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Dick Edwards has thirty-five years of experience working closely with older adults and their families. For the last twenty years he served as administrator of Charter House, a nationally recognized model for excellence in retirement living and long-term health care affiliated with the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

For fourteen years, Dick served in the leadership of Aging Services of Minnesota (ASOM), a statewide association of not-for profit providers of services for older adults. His excellence in leadership and knowledge concerning caring for aging parents has been honored by Mayo Clinic, LeadingAge, and ASOM.


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