Welcome! You are not alone.

Adult children and aging parents: a timeless topic and a timely topic.

75 million of Americans between ages 40 and 60, the Sandwich Generation of Boomers, are dealing the needs and concerns associated with their aging parents. As the population ages Boomers become the aging parents and the next generation of adult children assume the challenges.

For many, these years of family life are often characterized by fear and frustration. Fear of what’s going to happen next, fear of the “fall call”, fear of failure, fear of not doing the “right thing”. And, frustration with parents, siblings, and the system.

Caring for aging parents can be a draining, push-pull that taps and saps time, energy and resources; and, tests and taxes family relationships.

However, done right, this stage of family life can be a time for thanksgiving and celebration.

The book Mom, Dad... Can We Talk? Insight and Perspectives to Help Us Do What’s Best for Our Aging Parents and the presentation Mom, Dad...Can We Talk? Family Conversations That Make a Difference as Our Parents Grow Older are valuable resources for adult children as they care for aging parents and seek to “do the right thing”.